Ice cool 2

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Ice cool 2

ICECOOL2 a unique engaging dexterity game for children, families, and casual gamers.

This is the follow-up to the 2017 children’s game of the year (ICECOOL). If you already own ICECOOL, you can now double the fun by combining both games to engage in race mode, create new layouts, and have more players.

How to Play

In each round, one penguin is the Catcher and the other penguins are the Runners. The number of rounds equals the number of players.

The Runners start from the Classroom and flick their penguin, trying to go through the doors and get the yummy fish of the same color. By doing so, the penguin gets a Fish card with victory points on it or even extra bonus – an additional turn to flick your penguin.

The Catcher starts from the spot in the Kitchen and tries to catch all the rascals before all the fish is eaten by bumping into the Runners. Watch out!

The round ends when any Runner has collected all 3 fish tokens of his colour or if the Catcher has caught all Runners.

The Catcher gets Fish cards for each penguin he caught during the round. Now it’s the next penguin’s turn to be the Catcher!

Count victory points on Fish cards and find out the winner.