Tactic Arctic Race

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Try to lead your two dog sled teams to the North Pole first in this snowy and exciting adventure!
Your journey is perilous and your opponents can also throw obstacles your way.
Strategize and utilise your gear wisely in order to beat the others in this thrilling race!

• Wooden dog sled pawns!
• Ever-changing game board allows you to adjust the length of the game.
• Great fun for the whole family!

• 18big ice floes
• 1 North pole
• 1 starting tile
• 20 water tiles
• 31 cards(15 dog sled cards and 16 ladder cards)
• 9 wooden hazard pawns
• 6 wooden dog sled pawns
• 4 helicopter tiles
• 2 special dice and rules

This board game is suitable for ages 8+
Number of players 2-4.
Game time 30+ min.

Rules in languages: English, French, Dutch, Polish, German.

NB! Komplekt ei sisalda eestikeelseid reegleid.

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