Aplad Kutsikad

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Aplad Kutsikad

Go Fetch! is a children’s game from Asmodee. Players hold a cup (puppy) and the aim is to capture (fetch) the balls as they pop out of the doggie bowl. The players are in a race to capture the balls before their competitors do and 3 challenge cards mix up the requirements for each round.

The goal of the game is to collect as many bits of kibble (colored balls) as you can before the other players snatch them up. To add another level of difficulty, players can also choose to only eat certain colors of kibble or only 1 piece of kibble in each color for those puppies who are on a diet.

Not only is the game fun for children and their parents but the game can also be educational as it promotes color recognition, counting skills, and hand-eye coordination.

The game is well constructed also with holes in the bottom of the puppy cups that allow the balls to slip into the cups when they are banged down on top of the balls.