Transport and returns


if a client buys a product from the e-store they pay by the bank for delivery. If they wish for a delivery man by Omniva it costs 5€, if it is a delivery to package automat then it’s by SmartPost or Omniva and is 3€. There is no transport cost if the client comes to pick up the products at the WePlay store in Ahtri 9 Tallinn.

For purchases with delivery to the Baltic & Scandinavian zones, a €10 shipping fee is added. Similarly, for delivery to the European zone, a shipping fee of €25 is applied. These fees are in addition to the product price and are applicable when the buyer pays for the goods via a bank link


You have a right to return the products in 14 days. 14 Days mark starts from the notification from SmartPost or Omniva that you received the product. Or from the delivery man’s delivery to your house.

Returns are free and there are 2 choices available

1. Return to WePlay store

Add the return sheet to your returning pack. Stores workers will go through the return process and the returned products money will be sent to your account in 14 days’ time.

2. Return through Smartpost packadge automat

Add the return sheet in your pack in a way that it can not be damaged during opening up the pack. To send the pack add your sending code to the automat. You will find the code in the arrival text. The process of return will take around 10 days.

In case of a return, your money will be returned to you in 14 days’ time. Starting from the arrival back to the store. In case of the return, the original transport cost will be returned to you.

Please fill the return sheer and add it to the products.

Tagastusleht PDF formaadis

Changeable or returned products can not be damaged or used. They have to be in their original packet with the ethic stickers.

We ask you to open the packets carefully so the products won’t be damaged. If a product arrives to you by delivery man then you have to check the packet before accepting it. If it is damaged ask for a damaged sheet from the delivery man because they are responsible. The products are sent out of the store in controlled packaging.