Smartmax 30 pieces

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Smartmax 30 pieces

SmartMax is colourful and safe magnetic construction toy for young children.

STEM LEARNING FUN: SmartMax Start + features colorful oversize bars and metal balls for a super fun introduction to STEM concepts for young kids.
SMARTMAX ® big magnets are great for the first introduction to magnetic world. All SmartMax sets are compatible with each other. Kids can start building… and keep building.

Aditional Info

Magnets have a magnetic north and south pole. The cold colors (green, blue, purple and white) have their north poles directed outwards. The warm colors (red, orange, yellow and pink) have their south poles directed outwards.

Unlike poles attract, like poles repel. All bars with a cold color can be connected to all bars with a warm color. All other combinations repel.

SmartMax balls are attracted by all bars, regardless of their color. More than 20 bars can be connected to one ball.

The magnets of the long bars are stronger than those of the short bars. Long bars can lift more weight or make stronger connections.