SmartMax My First Animal Train

Tootekood: AAS25022


Monthly payment from 5.36€ / 6 months

SmartMax is colourful and safe magnetic construction toy for young children.

STEM LEARNING FUN: Help the conductor put together the moving train, Elephant and Lion. Then journey to the Circus…or wherever your imagination takes you ! Your kids will have so much fun they won’t realize they are learning!

Suitable for ages 1½ to 5, young kids will enjoy the simple process of clicking their own train and animals together. 22 colorful pieces, including the conductor, Elephant, Lion and moving train components. The bars are large and strong, the animals are soft and friendly to the touch.

SMARTMAX ® big magnets are great for the first introduction to magnetic world. All SmartMax sets are compatible with each other. Kids can start building… and keep building.