Wizard Võõp

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Can you imagine a world without any colours? Our mysterious new wizard Võõp has done something completely insane – the world is completely colourless! All the beautiful reds, blues, yellows and greens that surround us everyday. Now we need your help to bring all these wonderful colours back.

Wizard Võõp is a attention-grabbing boardgame for 4+ children. The purpouse of this game is to restore as many right coloured things and beings. To bring the world back to it’s former glory, you need to do it quick: you have certain amount of time to put the cards on the one colour cards, but on the right ones – Ladybugs are red meanwhile spruce trees are green. Many different versions of this game make this a perfect pasttime game for smaller and bigger audience.

Language: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian
Suggested age: 4+
Players: 1-4
Usual playtime: 15-30 min.