Tootekood: SIR12272


Have you ever thought who you’d be if civilization would’ve developed differently? If everything would depend on you? Warriors or thinkers? Builders or scientists? How would your civilization turn out? Boardgame CVlisazions has everything possible: inventions, new technologies, revolutionary ideas – you have alot of discovering to do!
You are a tribe leader in this game. Your purpouse is to amaze the words with your achievements and bring peace and joy to your people. To do that, you need to action cards to collect as much resources, so you can trade them for buildings-, tools- and invention cards. At the end of the game, players recieve lucky points for these cards. Prevent your opponents movements, bluff, find allies and collect lucky points. Will you have the happiest tribe in history of mankind?

Gametime: 45 min
Players: 2-5
Age: 10+