Geosmart õppekomplekt

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Geosmart õppekomplekt

Learn all about geometric forms with the 6 different geomagnetic shapes in this set. Build original constructions, animals, vehicles or anything you can imagine. Set has squares, rectangles, triangles, Isosceles Triangles, trapezoids, diamonds, base and wheels. Let yourself get get involved in magnets geometric and ignite yourself into the world of math!

Suits perfectly in classrooms to use. It’s a clever way of discovery with magnets! Children can now safely be introduced to magnetic world.
There are endless ways of playing with these magnets and give tons of imagination.
When playing, children learn to build bigger and more fantasy riched buildings. All details connect 100% with other GeoSmart sets which can be build fancy colourful fantasy cities or whatever you desire!

Pieces: 100
Age: 5+