Hidden Society of Gnomes: Invasion Cards

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Hidden Society of Gnomes: Invasion Cards

Gnome invasion has begun. The world is divided into two factions.

  • Will you help gnomes to restore their ancient glory and take over the world?
  • Will you help humans to dissipate such savagery, and repel this invasion?

Battle strategies need to be plotted as the future of the Earth is in your hands!

Hidden society of the gnomes: Invasion Cards, is an exhilarating semi-strategic card game for 2-4 players. (if 4 players, then 2 vs 2 teams)

Use your cleverness, traps and decoy maneuvers to overpower your opponent. Plot schemes, use some wit and count on some luck, cause only then you might come out as a winner!

  • 120 Cards of pure fun!
  • This game is family friendly and suits all ages who can read!
  • One game lasts 20-40 minutes!

(New cards will be added to boost your power!)

  • All the cards are related to the book “Hidden society of the gnomes: Great Invasion”.
  • Some cards contain secret powers that can only be used when You have found the “effect” with the help of the book.
  • There are a few cards with hidden messages and secrets!